Why you should never accept a counter offer.

So, you’ve done it. You’ve typed up your CV. Applied for a new job. Got to the interview and then, success, you have an offer. Great!

You pluck up the courage to tell your current employer that you have another offer. Then it comes. They don’t want you to go. They offer you more money, better hours or even promotion, what to do? It’s a dilemma faced by many job hunters.

Known as a ‘counter offer’, while this may be flattering and very tempting, you need to have your thoughts clear as to what the future holds.

Ask yourself, why did I start to look for another job? If you were unhappy, why is more money going to make you happy? Will your loyalty be in doubt? Can they really deal with the issues that got you to, send your CV out, travel to and attend an interview?

When you give your resignation, confirm the decision is final and irrevocable. Make an effort to explain your decision. Be respectful!

Statistics show that of people who accept counter offers, 50-80% resign within six months of accepting the counter offer.  The remainder? The vast majority leave for reasons not of their choice, within 12 months.

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