Ministers delay meeting on NHS pharmacist recruitment problems

Ministers have turned down a request to meet to discuss the recruitment and retention of junior pharmacists, the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, has revealed.

A meeting with pharmacy minister Earl Howe was sought by the GHP’s parent union Unite to discuss the problems the NHS is facing with attracting junior pharmacists to band 6 and 7 positions.

But, in reply to the request, the NHS workforce minister Simon Burns said he wanted to wait for the results of the latest NHS pharmacy establishment and vacancy survey before deciding whether to meet.

Dave Thornton, chairman of the GHP terms and conditions committee, said the decision was “disappointing” and he would be pushing for a meeting once the survey results, which are expected shortly, are published.

At the same time the GHP revealed that a survey of human resources directors of NHS foundation trusts came out in support of a local recruitment and retention premium for junior pharmacists.

Source: PJ Online

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