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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Not sure how to about international health recruitment? Here are answers to the most common questions we are asked by employers. If your question is not answered, please feel free to get in touch.


What countries do you recruit from?
We have a presence in Europe and internationally, mostly in India, the Middle East and the Philipines. With the recent introduction of English exams for EU nurses, the numbers from Europe has fallen dramatically. However, as nursing is on the occupation shortage list, the visa process is straight forward. With UK leaving the EU, all employers wishing to recruit from outside the UK are going to have to offer some of a visa, to this end we encourage all companies to register with the Home Office to allow the sponsoring of visas.
Can healthcare professionals from the EU register in other EU countries?
Yes. All healthcare professionals from the EU are trained to the agreed EU standard and can automatically register, with the relevant professional body, but with the UK leaving the EU, it remains to be seen if this will change. In the case of Doctors and Nurses, this is subject to an English test.
Can healthcare professionals from outside the EU register in the UK?
Yes. At present, all healthcare professionals from outside the EU need to go through a different process, but with the UK leaving the EU, it remains to be seen if this will change. In the case of Doctors and Nurses, this is subject to an English test, a clinical exam and a set amount of experience.
How long does the registration process take?
This varies wildly from profession to profession and country to country. We help the candidate to complete all the relevant documentation and encourage them to register as soon as possible prior and following interviews. However, 3 months is usually a good benchmark.
Does the candidate need a visa?
At present, all EU citizens have full work and residency rights in other EU countries, but with the UK leaving the EU, it remains to be seen if this will change. Healthcare professionals from outside the EU, require a tier two visa, however, as nursing is classified as a shortage profession, the process is straightforward.
How do I know, if the candidate's English is good enough?
Doctors require an IELTS level 7.5 English exam, to obtain GMC in the UK. From January 2016 all EU nurses are required to hold the IELTS level 7 English exam. Non-EU nurses need to have IELTS 7, 12 months experience and pass a 2 part exam set by the NMC.
Should I interview face to face or by Skype?
We always encourage face to face interviews where possible. However, this may not always be the best option. If you only need to recruit 5 people, do you need to travel? On the other hand, getting sufficient numbers together, in one location with the English requirements can be a challenge. Skype is an excellent alternative and we can provide the same level of service for Skype interviews as face to face. We can support both, it is really up to you to decide on your preference, our role is simply to advise.

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We are very placed to source and recruit nurses from around the world, for your care home or hospital. We offer our nurses a total solution from online English courses to obtaining professional registration, which includes a full document translation service, ensuring the minimum of delays with registration. All our nurses are screened by our English teachers and then interviewed by our Nurse Manager, to ensure they meet the requirements for your interview. Our pass rate of over 70% is a testament to this.

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