Community pharmacists need to be a jacks-of-all-trades

Community pharmacists are not only required to be clinically and service focused, but they will have to prove their business, management and leadership skills, according to the authors of an article in Tomorrow’s Pharmacist.

Providing advice to newly registered community pharmacists in their article, the authors explain that employers want to know what assets they will bring to the pharmacy, how they will provide a first-class service to customers, how they will increase prescription figures, whether they will be conducting services and how they will meet business targets.

They believe that newly registered pharmacists should consider working as a locum for a few months before committing to a full-time job because this will allow them to gain enough experience to decide where they would like to work. However, they also said that being self-employed means there will be no holiday pay and locums have to organise their diaries, which can be stressful.

The authors recommend that, before taking on a locum job, pharmacists find out what computer system the pharmacy uses, how many support staff there are and their responsibilities, the range of professional services offered and if they will be required to provide these services. Additionally, they recommend that pharmacists ask for a copy of the pharmacy’s standard operating procedures and raise any concerns with the employer before starting a job.

Source: PJ Online

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